How To Submit Your Articles To Ably.Com.Ng And Earn Commission


How To Submit Your Articles To Ably.Com.Ng And Earn Commission

June 17, 2019 Uncategorized 2

Ably cash program is a program designed to reward potential writers who can compose “unique and good quality hygiene articles” with #300 per article written. This is more like offering a freelancing service and getting paid for it. Too good to be true, right? Read on!

One of the aims of ABLY is to rank among top sites to which recourse can be made for recommendations. Little wonder emphasis is placed on “uniqueness and quality of content”. This page will, therefore, help you understand how to write and submit good quality articles and get paid instantly for your effort.

What To Consider When Writing A Unique Article Of Good Quality

Since what is worth doing is worth doing well, it is good to take note of some important points when drafting your article.

➭ Ensure that your choice of topic is VERY CATCHY in nature

➭ Ensure that your choice of topic falls within the scope or categories listed on the site

➭ Make sure your article either addresses an hygiene issue or gives recommendation(s) that will promote well-being.

➭ Avoid copy and paste. If you do, your article would be trashed

➭ Your article should be written to favour SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

➭ Your total word count in each article must NOT be less than 300

➭Do not be shy to seek the service of someone with higher intellect, to help proof read your article and correct your wrong use of grammar and spellings where necessary

➭Do well to visit the site to find samples of approved articles

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How To Submit Your Post On Ably

Submitting your post to Ably is Very easy. Just logon to your Ably account, and click on the ‘WRITE’ button. There you will be able to fill the necessary details; like Topic, article content, categories, e.t.c just fill them properly and click the ‘SUBMIT’ button.


As simple as that!

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  1. Nony says:

    please I don’t understand what it means by don’t copy and paste also if I submit a post how many minutes or hours does it take to approve it

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    • admin says:

      Your article must be original. That is, the article submitted must be written by you.

      We review all submitted articles everyday, within the hour of 4am to 6am. Your article will definitely be approve withing 12 hours max

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